Wednesday, 4 September 2013



            I'm a wanna be writer who is going to try blogging. Are the two synonymous? I suspect that the difference is that I could write on paper, or a computer, and never show anyone what I've written whereas the concept of blogging, I think, suggests making one's babbling accessible to a more public audience. Thus, the concept of audience alters what I write. Maybe. Or maybe not. It's comforting to realize that there is still lots of stuff to figure out. 

A photo that I like:

               This is me. I'm in my red kayak on a remote lake. It's dusk. We're camping on that island behind my head. Actually, that's not exactly how I think about that island - it's more like it's a place inside my head, inside my sense of self. I called the photo album of this camping trip "Falling off the Map". This lake is a sanctuary; it's the lake I dream about all winter. It's solitude and loons and drifting and fishing. I am not alone in this place - Hugh took the photo and I believe that he feels the same way about being 'alone together' on this particular lake. 
            One morning, a couple of summers ago, he took some amazing pictures of a young bull moose (I'll post one now). 

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